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  • Tibet Jokhang Temple
    Holy Lhasa - Group Tour - 4 Days Lhasa This tour fulfills your dream exploring the holy city of Lhasa, the spiritual places of the mysterious Tibetan prostrate religion and the ridges of peculiar Himalaya views. During this trip, you will step into a thousand rooms and chambers of Potala Palace, and the resort of Norbulingkha, the residences of the Dalai Lama, and various shrines and monasteries, where you truly experience the holy evidence of Lamaism and historical culture of 13 centuries. Details
  • Norbulingkha
    Lhasa & Namtso Lake Adventure Tour - 6 Days Lhasa This tour features top attractions in Lhasa and Namtso Lake, where you will gain unprecedented cultural experiences while enjoy the breathtaking blue of Namtso Lake. Furthermore, relaxing at Yangbajin, the hot spring will relax both your mind and soul. Details
  • Sera Monastery
    Lhasa, Yamdruktso Lake & Tsetang Holy Legends Tour - 6 Days Lhasa - Tsetang This Tibet tour features top attractions in Lhasa and Tsetang, where you will discover the legends and myths associated with the Tibetan civilization. Enjoy a tour with breathtaking views and mysterious legends. Details
  • Tibetan New Year Tour 2020
    Tibetan New Year Tour 2020 - 5 Days Lhasa Tibet's New Year is the first day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar, as the beginning of the yea. This day Tibetan family reunion, evening together to taste the equivalent of the Han Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, "the Gutun", and held a ghost-exorcism ceremony, pray for the coming year auspicious, peaceful, well-being. This tour shall be booked before Feb 5, 2020. Details
  • Hong Kong
    Lhasa & Yamdruktso Lake Holy Tour - 5 Days Lhasa This tour features top attractions in Lhasa and the holy Yamdruktso Lake. After a tour to the top cultural sites in Lhasa, you will appreciate the largest sacred lake in Tibet. You will be impressed by the religious faith of the local people and breathtaking purity of the natural landscape. Details
  • Lhasa
    Lhasa Highlights Tour - 4 Days Lhasa This tour features top attractions in Lhasa, the amazing capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Enjoy a highlights tour that will take you to the top cultural sites in this holy city to appreciate the religious lives of the local people. Details
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