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Datong & Pingyao Tours

  • Hukou Waterfall
    Pingyao & Hukou Waterfall Exploration - Private Tour - 5 Days Taiyuan - Pingyao This 5-day tour will let you experience the traditions and folk customs in Shanxi. You will visit the Pingyao Ancient Town and get enchanted by its age-old charms. Furthermore, you will marvel at the Hukou Waterfall, the largest waterfall on the Yellow River, and walk into the Pit Kiln Houses, also called the underground quadrangle courtyard in North China. Details
  • Qikou Ancient Town
    Pingyao & Qikou Ancient Town Tour - Private Tour - 4 Days Taiyuan - Pingyao This tour highlights two ancient towns in Shanxi Province, Pingyao and Qikou. Firstly, you will explore Pingyao, a living and intact town with an unbroken sense of continuity to its heyday. Afterwards, make an excursion to Qikou, a dream place for you to experience hundreds of cave houses, some of which remain inhabited today. Details
  • Ancient City of Pingyao
    Pingyao Folk Tour – Private Tour - 3 Days Pingyao This 3-day tour will let you discover Pingyao - one of the most famous ancient towns in China. You will admire the remarkable architecture and artworks in the Chang Family Compound, and wander in the Liang Village, a well-preserved and remote ancient village. Details
  • Mount Wutai
    Datong & Mount Wutai Buddhist Culture Tour - Private Tour - 4 Days Datong This tour provides you a great chance to explore the mystery of Chinese Buddhist culture. The highlights of your trip are Yungang Grottoes and Mount Wutai, two UNESCO World Cultural Heritages in China. Details
  • Ancient City of Pingyao
    Datong & Pingyao Highlights Tour - Private Tour - 4 Days Datong - Pingyao - Taiyuan This tour best selects many cultural and historical attractions in Shanxi Province. During four days, you will visit the famous Buddhist site of Yungang Grottoes. Then appreciate traditional Chinese culture and lifestyle in Ancient City of Pingyao and Qiao Family Compound. Details
  • Qiao Family Compound
    Shanxi Culture Discovery - Private Tour - 5 Days Datong - Pingyao - Taiyuan This tour highlights the rich culture and profound history of Shanxi Province in China. In five days, you will admire the Yungang Grottoes in Datong, religious Mount Wutai and its surrounding temples, Ancient City of Pingyao and majestic Qiao Family Compound. Details
  • Ancient City of Pingyao
    Pingyao Ancient City Tour - Private Tour - 2 Days Taiyuan - Pingyao - Taiyuan This tour highlights the Ancient City of Pingyao, a well-preserved old Chinese city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Besides, you will also admire the Qiao Family Compound, a magnificent private residence featuring traditional Chinese furnishings and lifelike wood carvings. Details
  • Yungang Grottoes
    Datong Highlights - Private Tour - 1 Day Datong In this Datong one-day religious tour, you will admire the well-known Yungang Grottoes, one of the Three Major Buddhist Grottoes in China. Besides, you may gain a full glimpse of China’s Buddhist culture by visiting Hanging Temple and Huayan Temple in Datong. Details
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