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Trans-Mongolian Train Tours

  • ulan bator
    Ulan Bator Sightseeing Tour - 4 Days Beijing - Ulan Bator From Beijing to Ulan Bator, the unique cross-country train experience will give you a long-lasting memory. Enter into the Terelj National Park and enjoy the beautiful prairie scenery, and know more about Mongolian culture by visiting nomadic local residents there. Details
  • ulan bator
    Ulan Bator National Park Tour - 5 Days Beijing - Ulan Bator On the track of the Trans-Mongolian railway, one of the most exiting stops is Ulan Bator. Explore the land of Genghis Khan, the world’s last nomads, the great Gobi desert and endless blue sky over grasslands. Mongolia provides you a large variety of sightseeing and spectacular landscape! Details
  • ulan bator
    Ulan Bator, Bayangobi & Kharkhorin In-depth Tour - 6 Days Beijing - Ulan Bator Explore Mongolia with us, you would like to spend more time in its national parks, overnight in a yurt camp, which will let you understand the country’ history and culture better. Ulan Bator and its surroundings are definitely worth your visit. Details
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