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Beijing Travel Overview

Beijing, the capital city of China, functions as the country's political center, cultural center and international communication center. Beijing was the capital cities of six Chinese ancient dynasties. The city owns a long history of more than 3,000 years, regarded as target="_blank" title="Forbidden City">Forbidden City and the Tian’anmen Square are definitely where you must see.

As an ancient capital city, Beijing owns a long history and profound culture. Old tradition of Beijing has unique charm in the mod...
  • How to Arrange Your Beijing Trip
    Recommended attractions a.must-go places Forbidden City Tian’anmen Square Summer Palace Badaling Great Wall / Mutianyu Great Wall / Jinshanling Great Wall Changling at Ming Tombs / Dingling at Ming Tombs Sacred Road Temple of Heaven b.other...
  • Beijing Travel Season Tips
    Weather in Beijing is mild with four distinct seasons. Summer is hot and humid with strong sunshine while winter is cold and dry. Spring (April - May) and autumn (September - October) are the best seasons for travelling.
  • Transportation in Beijing Travel
    Two airports are used for passenger delivery in Beijing, Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. Beijing Capital International Airport operates most of the flights.
  • Beijing Food
    Don't hesitate to come in Beijing if you are a food lover, you will find it a city that never disappoints you. Here you would taste all kinds of delicacies.
  • Beijing Shopping Tips
    Silk Market is Beijing's most exciting markets which sells discounted Chinese goods. It is also a great place to experience bargain culture. You could find everything At Silk Market: China souvenirs, silk and satins, fake luxury brands.
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