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Suzhou Travel Overview

Just as an old Chinese saying goes, “Heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below”, Suzhou is a famed city renowned for its fabulous landscape, elegant gardens and various stone bridges as well as its eminent historical and cultural value in Chinese history.

Located in the lower reach of the Yangtze River sets the province of Jiangsu. Suzhou enjoys an important reputation in Chinese culture, economy, education and transportation as well as tourism for which it has been occasionally nicknamed the “Venice of th...
  • How to Arrange Your Suzhou Trip
    Recommended attractions a.must-go places Humble Administrator’s Garden Lingering Garden Garden of Master of Nets Grand Canal Tiger Hill b.other recommends Hanshan Temple Pan Gate The Lion Grove Garden Canglang Pavilion Pingjiang Road c....
  • Suzhou Travel Season Tips
    Located in the lower reach of the Yangtze River, Suzhou belongs to the monsoon ocean climate zone, with four distinctive seasons and abundant rainfall. Spring from March to May is generally warm and pleasant, and it is regarded as the best time to...
  • Transportation in Suzhou Travel
    Railway Stations There are 4 railway stations in Suzhou, respectively Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou North Railway Station, Suzhou Industrial Park Railway Station and Suzhou New Area Railway Station. Suzhou Railway Station Suzhou Railway Stati...
  • Suzhou Food
    Suzhou enjoys a reputation of paradise for gourmets. Suzhou cuisine is light in taste and sweeter than neighboring Yangzhou’s Huaiyang Cuisine. Each Suzhou course is individually prepared and the highlight is on the use of quality ingredients and a...
  • Suzhou Shopping Tips
    Suzhou boasts a wide range of exquisite local products. A fan, a piece of embroidery or a box of local snacks could be an excellent souvenir of your journey and a great gift for family and friends. Su Embroidery Museum Su Embroidery: one of the fo...
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