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A new direct air route links Xining and Phuket

Date: 2020.01.09 Author: Rosie Wu

On January 8, a new direct flight was launched between Xining, capital of southwest China's Qinghai Province, and Thailand's largest island Phuket.

The route was operated by Thailand's VietJet Air with a round-trip flight every Wednesday under the Airbus A320. Plan 01:30 (Beijing time, same below) from Phuket, Thailand, 06:20 to Xining. The flight number is VZ3610, 07:30 leave Xining and arrive in Phuket at 12:25. Flight number is VZ3611.

Since the opening of Qinghai province's port in 2014, Xining Airport has opened 10 international (regional) routes from Xining to Bangkok, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Medina, Siem Reap, Nha Trang and Phuket. "In 2019, Xining Airport will guarantee 1,252 international flights and 29,321 international passengers, an increase of 16.1% and 26.6% respectively over the previous year,” said Wang Shengdong, director of the Qinghai Port Office.

Xining has long history and cultural, with unique natural resources and colorful folk customs. It is a bright pearl of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, means the "West Peace". Xining has won the national health city, charm city with Chinese characteristics 200, China's outstanding tourist city, China's advanced landscaping city, national forest city, the national civilized city, such as the honorary title. Xining is a pilot city for the construction of "no waste cities".


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