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Artworks of Macao artists show in Beijing

Date: 2019.11.21 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, an art exhibition presenting artworks of 65 Macao artists opens at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. The exhibition will last until November 30th.


The theme of the art exhibition is "Integration", which is co-organized by National Art Museum of China, Macau Instituto Cultural, and Macau Art Museum. The exhibition features 76 selected artworks including calligraphy, paintings and sculptures from 65 Macao artists.


According to the organizer, the exhibition offers a glimpse of the vitality, openness and diversity of contemporary art after Macao returned to the motherland 20 years ago. It is of great significance for helping improve Macao artists' emotional exchange with the mainland. 


The National Art Museum of China built in 1958, and was formally open to the public in 1963. It holds large-scale revolving exhibitions of mostly Chinese classical and contemporary art. The museum houses more than 110,000 pieces of various collections, most of which are representative works of different periods and great artworks of Chinese art masters from ancient times till today.


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