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Banyan Tree Resort to open in Jiuzhaigou

Date: 2016.11.28 Editor: Ivy Yang

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts is going to open a new branch in Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan province, 2.5-hour drive from Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport. The resort will open in the fourth quarter of 2016. The resort is also located near Jiuzhaigou National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so guests could drive 45 minutes to reach the park to enjoy a stunning landscape of crystal clear pools, waterfalls and limestone terraces with magnificent mountaintop views.


There are 209 guest rooms and suites, with sizes starting from 65 square meters. Guests can choose from the Garden Room, Golf-Mountain Room, Valley Room and Panoramic Suite — all offering marvelous views of mountains and valleys. The Presidential Suite is 325 square meters and located at the highest point of the resort with generous living and dining spaces, making it ideal for entertaining family and friends.


Banyan Tree Jiuzhaigou's architectural design is a clean, modern, and takes on classical oriental styles unique to the region. The rich cultural heritage of the Qiang people, a local ethnic minority group well known for their intricate handicraft embroidery and vivid colors, is displayed throughout the complex. Dark wood floors laid with colorful and intricately embroidered carpets perfectly complement the lush landscape outside.

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