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Hebei province has created seasonal itineraries to attract travelers

Date: 2020.01.10 Author: Rosie Wu

On January 2nd,the promotion of the 2020 Hebei invitation-winter tour was held in Beijing, hosted by the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.


Hebei nearly 100 scenic spots, enterprises launched more than 100 preferential measures, including free tickets, discounts, etc., so that winter tour Hebei more affordable. There are more than 300 key cultural tourism festivals around Hebei New Year's Day and Spring Festival have been organized, Ice and Falls Festival, Ice and Snow Carnival, Non-Relic Show, Folk Temple Fair, Social Fire Festival, Lantern Festival, etc., offering tourists multiple options to enjoy the province's winter charms.


Hebei, not only hot spring resources, but also have their own characteristics. Tangshan Zunhua's Tangquan Palace Hot Springs, Baoding China Baishishan Hot Springs Kangkang Town, Bazhou Tong Hot Springs, Shijiazhuang's Bailu Hot Springs, Guoyuan Hot Springs, etc. are very famous, not only beautiful environment, but also a variety of functional soup pools, can bring different soup enjoyment. And in Qinhuangdao's fishing island hot spring, visitors can also experience the "hot spring to see the sea" pleasant and comfortable.


Hebei Province surrounds the capital Beijing, with a total area of 188,500 square kilometers, 283 kilometers north of Beijing, adjacent to the city of Tianjin to the east and close to the Bohai Sea, southeast, south of Shandong, Henan provinces, West-Yuan Taihang Mountain and Shanxi Province, northwest, north-west and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region border, northeast and Liaoning Province border. The "North Three Counties" under Langfang, three rivers, large factories, Xianghe, surrounded by the two cities of Beijing and Tianjin, has become the capital's "back garden".


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