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National Museum of China opens Shandong folk art exhibition

Date: 2020.07.21 Author: Celia Tang

On July 15, themed on “Evoking Nostalgia”, the exhibition about Shandong folk arts opens at National Museum of China. The exhibition brings together hundreds of objects representing Shandong's diverse folk arts and dynamic handicrafts, which provide people with a visual feast.


The exhibition is jointly organized by National Museum of China, Shandong University of Art &Design, and the Crafts Museum. The displays at the exhibition include the farming implements, tableware, embroidery and children's toys. The exhibits convey the wisdom of building a harmonious relationship with nature.


Shandong Province's long history as an agricultural hub has inspired art and culture, especially folk art, that continues to influence people's lives and aesthetics. The exhibition highlights the distinctive, vivid and diverse rural folk art of China, deeply explores the cultural connation and values of the traditional folk art, and comprehensively explain the latest exploration of Chinese culture.


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