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Opening of the 13th winter fishing and traveling Festival

Date: 2020.01.08 Author: Rosie Wu

The 13th winter fishing and traveling festival opened on the northern shore of the Keshkten Flag in Chifeng, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, on January 5, 2020. This winter tourism festival will be winter catch, camel racing, horse racing and many other activities, which will run until January 8th, 2020.


In Chifeng City, Keshkten flag, every year before the winter fishing, to hold a grand ceremony to pay tribute to the lake wake-up. Dari Lake winter hunting custom, intended to sacrifice the lake god, wake up the winter net, pray for the wind and rain, people and animals to prosper, bless the live forever. The local Mongolian people love the Dari Lake; protect the ecological environment, prosperity and spontaneous organization of folk activities. It is a kind of pious prayer from the fishermen, and it is a thank you to the grace of nature.


You can not only experience the traditional Dari Lake winter fishing and sacrifice lake wake-up ceremony, but also enjoy the wonderful national literary and artistic performances, feel the unique charm of nomadic camel culture, taste the purchase of Dari Lake wild fresh fish. There are also "Ice Heroes" self-drive journey (Ulanbu to Lake Dari), "Dari Lake Ice Marathon" and other colorful cultural tourism and sports activities.


It is understood that this winter fishing and traveling festival to "national unity, cultural and tourism integration" as the theme, including the Dari Lake Winter Hunting Festival, Silver Winter Camel Culture Festival, Ulan Butudam on the grassland horse culture photography festival and a series of festivals, but also launched the ice marathon, sledding, ice saga and other snow experience projects, as well as Chinese poetry activities.



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